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Click the „Create new offer“ offer tab on the „Offers“ -screen and select the customer or write the details in.

Then name the offer and select a Template to be used.  Then edit the content of the offer. Here you can modify the offer and pricing before sending it.

Send the offer by clicking To sending or Preview at the bottom of the page. You can modify the text that appears in the e-mail that the customer receives in this view. Here you also see how the offer looks at the customers end and you can make sure every information is correct on the offer. 

Then click on Send offer and confirm the sending. 

How to change the looks of the offers?

Go to „Templates“ then click on „Create new template“ or click Edit on an existing Template. Then create Blocks and select the fonts you want to use, the logo and pictures, the color of the background and the color for the texts. Then drag the Blocks to your Template. 


Add users by selecting the settings for your account under your username in the top right corner when logged in, then select users and click on Add new user.

Note that you can only add users if you are an admin or entrepreneur.

You can select the user to be an Entrepreneur (the Entrepreneur can manage everything on the account and see all the offers made from the companies account), an Admin (an Admin can manage everything on the account but see only the offers the admin has made) or a Sales person (the Sales person only see the offers the sales person has made and can not modify the Templates or Blocks).

You can have several of all the user levels in your company. 

HOw to edit and create blocks?

Open the Templates -section and click „Manage Blocks“. Then click „New dynamic block“ or edit the existing blocks. 

First name your new Block. Then add content to the block by clicking Add new content type. You can select from a large variety of content for your block. When adding pictures to your block you have to type in how wide and high the picture appears on the offer. For example the Max width could be 600 pixels and the Max height can be 300 as a starting point. You can test it and modify the blocks later to make the offers look the way you would like them to. 

HOW TO ADD OR CHANGE the offer templates?

Click the Templates -tab and then „Create new template“.

First name your new Template, choose the fonts and select the colors for the Template theme. 

Naming the Template and customizing the look

Naming the Template and customizing the look

Then add Blocks to your Template. If you haven’t created Blocks you can do it here or create Blocks  in Manage Blocks.

Drag the Blocks into the Template by picking them up at the ✥-symbol and drag to the desired spot of the Template.

Adding blocks to the Template

Adding blocks to the Template


How to add customers?

There are 3 ways to add customers:

1. Add customers directly to the customer details-section by inserting the information into the fields when sending the customer your first offer. Be sure to put in the e-mail correctly and add the country code to the phone number.

2. Add or import customers with a CSV-file into the „Customers“ section.

3. Start the offer sending process from Pipedrive and the customer details will be filled in automatically also into the Click2Contract customer database.

csv file for uploading customers

 Csv-file for uploading customers. From the left: Name, Business ID, Address, Contact Person, Phone (in the international format) e-mail and language.

How to change the password?

Go to settings by clicking your user name in the right up corner and choose Profile then type in your current password and then the new password and confirm by typing in the new password a second time.

Change your password

Change your password

Can i edit already sent offers?

You can modify the offers after sending them to the customers if the customers need some changes. Open the offer and click to edit the offer. Then just resend the offer to the customer. The customer sees that you have send them a modified offer and can then accept it. 

Closed deals, the contracts, can’t be modified. 

The Forums

In the forums you will find more in debth information and help on how to draft offers that close deals, how to modify the look of your offers and find answers to other questions you might have. If none of these give you an answer then please contact us here.


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