Combine modern sales process and legal security


Click2Contract is a solution for sales teams to close deals. It covers all the process from drafting a proposal to archiving an eSigned contract and CRM reporting. It helps salespeople to react fast when a customer is ready to buy. It secures sales income with communicative and legally binding contracts. It gives more results for less work.

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Works well, happy closing!




Aapeli Kallunki




Click2Contract is an easy-to-use, stylish and modern tool for sending proposals. In addition, Click2Contract has an excellent customer service. I highly recommend it!


Camilla Mäkinen




Click2Contract has simplified our proposal process and simplified the sales funnel. Our sales reps have given positive feedback on the ease of the use of the software. I recommend Click2Contract to any organization interested in modern sales management!

Mikko Lehtinen

Sales Director

I have used Click2Contract now for a year. The hit rate of proposals has increased significantly as I can communicate with the customers at the right time as I know when the customer has opened my proposal. On the other hand, I activate those who did not open the proposal. Visuals is a plus and the ease of creating a proposal saves me hours per week.

Kari Kaisto




We are pleased with Click2Contract and its fast customer service. I recommend it!


Tom Laine

LinkedIn expert


Click2Contract makes all sales reps to send customers stylish and unified proposals, including all terms and conditions. All you have to do is click a couple of times and it is converted into a contract. We do not send separate proposals and contracts, everything is included in the same process. Very simple!

Otto Laurila



Click2Contract works well as our sales tool. We have a customized company template that makes it easy and quick to create sales contracts. Now all sales persons see the real-time status of proposals as we are able to track on Click2Contract when a customer has opened and accepted a proposal. I highly recommend it!

Juha-Matti Sivula


More results, less routines

Click2Contract is a solution that takes your deal closing to the next level. It helps sales teams achieve more sales by making the proposal and contract process as fast as possible and follow up of proposals easy. And, these proposals are nothing like Times New Roman on white PDF, but as elegant as your web site with pictures, colors and videos.

1. Optimize process

No more document processing. Select which content is editable on proposal and your salesperson just needs to select a customer and products to be sold and then makes only customer-specific changes to the proposal.

Turn your sales teams focus from paperwork to the customer!

2. Convince with style

How does your customers feel about your proposals? Click2Contract proposals have communicate strongly with images, colors and videos. Equally on all screen sizes, on mobile and desktop.

Why not creating a modern customer experience? Automatically.

3. Get the legal done

The proposal is accepted with simple eSignature which makes it a legally binding customer contract. You may have general terms and conditions attached automatically. Contract archive is always there, fully automated.

Risk management done without a second of attention of your sales team!

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