Would you like to close

more deals?

Would you like to..

Draft and send an offer quickly?

 Know when your customer opens your offer?

 Ease the process following your offers?

 Edit an offer your customer is reviewing in real time?

 Make it easy to your customer to accept your offer?

Shorten your sales cycle & close more deals

Would you like to shorten your sales cycle and close more deals? Using Word, PDF and Email to close deals is time consuming and inefficient. Click2Contract helps salespeople close more deals by making this process as fast and simple as possible. On top of that Click2Contract offers stands out with strongly visual communication.


1. Draft, send and follow offers

Select the content of the offer from company templates or create a new offer from scratch.

Click2Contract reduces the process of closing deals to just a few clicks!

2. Visuals that make difference

Click2Contract offers stand out as stylish and convincing messages to your client.

Your business, your brand, your style – automatically!


3. Get them approved

Customer approves with a couple of clicks and it forms a legally binding customer contract.

Including terms, getting acceptance and archiving are all automated!

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After the trial period subscriptions start from 19 €/month/user.

We are also glad to help you with designing a smooth, visually and legally strong client contracting. Ask for more info.

"Click2Contract is easy-to-use, stylish and modern tool for drafting offers. On top of that Click2Contract has an excellent client service. I warmly recommend!"

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