Replace routines with relevant customer insights

Click2Contract typically replaces a process where a sales person drafts a proposal using Word, saves it as a PDF, sends the PDF file as an email attachment to a customer. Customer accepts the proposal by replying to the email or as an separate contract which is signed with a eSigning solution. On top of that the sales person needs to file in to CRM what measures have been taken.

Studies show that an average sales persons spend one month per year doing these routine actions. Click2Contract streamlines the process at its best to just a few clicks per deal.

How much more time would your sales team have with customers?

Save time

Gone are the days of messing with Word, PDF and email. Click2Contract allows you to quickly click together the content for a proposal from your materials. When you draft your proposal or sales contract templates in Click2Contract, you do process optimization at the same. The effort used to close a single deal may be reduced in best case into a few clicks.

How much invaluable sales time would your team save from routines?

Know more

All the topical proposals are available in one glance. You may pick the most active and make sure it closed. Click2Contract also notifies you when a customer opens your proposal and when it is accepted. The proposals do not disappear into a wilderness of emails, but you can make your follow-up call just on the right time.

Would you close more if you took the right actions on right time?

Look better

What if our customer opens your proposal on mobile phone? Click2Contract proposals are mobile friendly and responsive. Colors, videos, pictures and pop ups all makes your proposals much more communicative and attractive. Once you have set your templates, the same style is automatically applied to all proposals. From sales persons point of view, less do you but better impression.

Would you like to create a modern customer experience?

Stay organized

No more proposals or contracts that hide in personal emails or numerous files. Click2Contract automatically archives all proposals and contracts.

Proposals and contracts can be searched or sorted to help you easily find what you are looking for!

Integrate to Pipedrive

Thanks to our Pipedrive integration, you can start proposal process directly from a Deal in Pipedrive. Click2Contract automatically adds the customer details to the proposal and returns to Pipedrive the current status of the proposal. The deal is also automatically updated to Won when the customer sSigns the deal in Click2Contract.

No more double-entered data. A Pipedrive users´ dream!

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