Replace the time consuming offer crafting and contracting process

Click2Contract typically replaces a process where a salesperson creates an offer using Word, saves it as a PDF, sends the PDF file as an email attachment to a customer, and the customer accepts the offer by replying to the email.

Click2Contract completely eliminates the need for a separate contract process or an electronic signature tool, and also automates reporting.

Studies show that salespersons spend an average of one month per year doing these things. Click2Contract streamlines the process at its best to 4 clicks per transaction. How much time would your sales team save?


Save time

Gone are the days of messing with Word, PDF and email. Click2Contract allows you to quickly click together the content for an offer from your business materials. The software will send your offer as soon as you click “Send”. The customer clicks the offer open and can immediately accept it.

An approved contract is automatically archived as a contract. The sales process couldn’t be easier!


Know more

Click2Contract will tell you when a customer opens your offer and when it is accepted. The offer does not disappear into the black hole of email, but you can make your follow-up call just on the right time.


Look better

Colors, videos, pictures and pop ups all support your businesses message in a whole new way. Once you have defined your offer style, the same style is automatically applied to all offers. Salepersons never have to worry about visuality again.

All offers and deals look as good as your brand!


Stay organized

No more offers that hide in emails or numerous files. Click2Contract automatically organizes all offers and contracts.

Contracts can be searched with filters to help you easily find what you are looking for!


Integrate to Pipedrive

Thanks to our Pipedrive integration, you can start the offer crafting process directly from a customer’s card in Pipedrive. Click2Contract automatically fetches customer information for the offer and returns to Pipedrive the current status of the offer. The deal is also automatically updated to won when a customer accepts a deal on Click2Contract.

No more double-entered data. A Pipedrive users´ dream!

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After the trial you only pay 19 € / month / user. No other costs.

*No credit card information needed