Click2Contract Subprocessors

A subprocessor is a third party data processor that provides services for Click2Contract, who has or potentially will have access to or process service data (which may contain Personal Data). Click2Contract engages different types of subprocessors or subcontractors to perform various duties.

Click2Contract uses commercially available measures to evaluate potential and current subprocessors. All subprocessors need to have sufficient security, privacy and confidentiality measures in place to act as subprocessors.



Google West Europe, Cloud Service Provider, Belgium (EU)

Twilio, SMS Gateway Provider (only SMS verification codes), USA (Standard Contractual Clauses)

MailGun, Email Gateway Provider, USA (Standard Contractual Clauses)

Intercom, Customer Service Platform, USA (Standard Contractual Clauses)

Stripe, Credit Card Payments, USA (Standard Contractual Clauses)

VismaSign, eSignatures with strong authentication (only available in Finland), Finland