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Click the “Add new” offer tab on the “Offers” -screen and select the customer or write the details in.

Then select a member or more of your team, if you want to have them in the offer, then a reference or more of your choosing, then select an offer template to your offer. You can modify the offer and pricing before sending it.

Send the offer by clicking Send at the bottom of the page or scroll up and click Preview to see how the offer looks like before sending it.

You can also send the offer from the Preview-page. 

How to change the looks of the offers?

Go to “Dynamic Templates” then click on “Offer Theme” and select the fonts you want to use, the logo for the offer, the color of the background and the color for the texts.

You can modify the “Company Intro” and the “Terms&Conditions” by clicking on them in the Dynamic Templates section. The “Company Intro” and the “Terms&Conditions” appear on all your offers.


Dynamic Templates

Add Templates, References and Team Members and modify the look of the offers in Offer Themes. Modify the Company Intro and the Terms&Conditions.


Add users by selecting the settings when logged in, then select users and add users. Note that you can only add users if you are an admin or entrepreneur.


Add Users to you account

Add Users to your account by clicking on the Users, and add the users you wish to add and determine their roles.

HOw to add a team member?

Open the “Dynamic Templates” -section and click “Team”. Then click “Add Team Member”. You can add a picture and text to a member. 

HOW TO ADD OR CHANGE the offer templates?

Click the “Dynamic templates” -tab and then “Add new template”. Then fill in the details into your template. 

How to add customers?

There are 3 ways to add customers:

1. Add customers directly to the customer details-section by inserting the information into the fields. Be sure to put in the e-mail correctly and add the country code to the phone number.

2. Add or import customers with a CSV-file into the “Customers” section.

3. Start the offer sending process from Pipedrive and the customer details will be filled in automatically.


csv file for uploading customers

 Arranging the information in the csv-file for uploading customers.

How to change the password?

Go to settings by clicking your user name in the right up corner and choose “Change Password”.

Change the password for your account

Change the password for your account by clicking on Change Password.

how to add references?

Open the “Dynamic Templates” -section and click “References”. Then click “Add Reference”. You can add a picture and text to your reference. 

The Forums

In the forums you will find more in debth information and help on how to draft offers that close deals, how to modify the look of your offers and find answers to other questions you might have. If none of these give you an answer then please contact us here.


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