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Drafting and sending offers, getting them accepted and archiving the documentation is time consuming and sometimes irritating work. The typical combination of Word, PDF and Email is simply not effective. We wanted to help salespeople and made it as easy as possible. Salesperson using Click2Contract only selects content of an offer and clicks “Send”.

Click2Contract reduces the process of closing deals to just a few clicks!

Brand and customer experience are key words that you hear frequently in business world. Does your offers reflect your brand? With Click2Contract you stand out as a modern, stylish service provide. The tool generates offers/contracts as webpages which works much better in mobile than any PDF. Salesperson only selects the content and the rest happens automatically.

Your business, your brand, your style – automatically!

An accepted offer forms a legally binding customer contract. Do salespeople always remember to add general terms and conditions to offers? Did you get an acceptance from client or is it in Email of a former employee? Nobody wants to spend time with bureaucracy. Still it is necessery to make clear what was agreed and what and when may be invoiced. Naturally we solved this also.

Including terms, getting acceptance and archiving are all automised!



After a trial period you´ll pay only 10 €/month/user for Basic subscription.

We are also glad to help you with designing a smooth, visually and legally strong client contracting. Ask for more info.


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