Best practices of growth companies

Use the working hours to productive tasks

Salespersons spend an astonishing 66% of their working time of doing various support tasks instead of meeting with customers. Let’s take a simple example of this. First, customer data is entered separately in CRM, proposal, as well as the contract. Then the accountant enters the details into the financial management software. Well, the productivity of all this is next to nothing. Obstacles to growth can be removed by automating routines and creating processes that support value-added work.

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Easy buying is good sales

Did you know that 40% of decision-makers at any company open a proposal or contract on their mobile device. It is a well-known marketing fact that people have short attention spans and can focus on one thing for only a few seconds at a time. Any company that wishes to streamline its sales cycle and provide a modern customer experience is bound to take these matters into consideration. The solution is responsive and visual proposals and contracts communicating at different levels.

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Bring data where and when it is needed

Salespersons and managers, legal department, customer service staff and financial managers. They all need information about the customer and closed deals. But they all need different things. The salesperson is interested in when the customer opens the proposal. The company lawyer wants to be sure that all the contracts can be found in the contract archive. The sales manager wants the contract details to be entered in CRM and from there to the reports. When you streamline your closing process, data is flowing to the right addresses.

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Click2Contract in figures

75 %

Our customers spend 75% less time on the necessary routines to close the deal.

122 %

The average annual revenue growth of our most active customers is 122%.


Our service is actively used on three continents.

Remove any obstacles to growth by adopting the best practices.

We offer a 14-day free trial of our service. The trial includes all the software features and our customer service support. You don’t need a credit card or any other payment information to register.

What they say about us?

Customer contracting is much simplier.

Click2Contract has simplied our contract phase significantly. We have a team of 25 sales people with 100+ offers sent every month. Now we can ensure every contract fulfills the minimum requirements, sales people can do standardized tweaks and they can follow their own offers through the pipeline. And best of all: Our CRM is now always up-to-date thanks to the offers being made in Pipedrive and automatically closed as won when the customer signs.

I warmly recommend to everyone, except our competitors!

Fredrik Rönnlund, COO

Better insights on the deal closing phase.

Click2Contract has simplified our proposal process and given us a better insight to the deal closing phase. Our sales reps have given positive feedback on the ease of the use of the software.

I recommend Click2Contract to any organization interested in modern sales management!

Mikko Lehtinen, Sales director

Increased proposal hit rate.

I have used Click2Contract now for a year. The hit rate of proposals has increased significantly as I can communicate with the customers at the right time as I know when the customer has opened my proposal. On the other hand, I activate those who did not open the proposal. Visuals is a plus and the ease of creating a proposal saves me hours per week.

Kari Kaisto, CEO

Some of our customers

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