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Where and why to use it?

Click2Contract replaces typically a process where salesperson drafts an offer with Word, saves it to PDF, sends the PDF as an email attachment to customer and customer accepts the offer by replying the email. Click2Contract covers also a separate contract or order confirmation.


Instead of handling a word-type of document, user of Click2Contract clicks together content of an offer from saved company resources and amends only what is needed. And, instead of saving a word document, sending it, organising acceptance, attaching needed terms and conditions and saving the documents, a user of Click2Contract needs only to click “Send”. The software will send the offer, collect acceptance and archive documentation. The process could not be made simplier!


Colours, videos and pictures that reflects your brand are used in all offers . For a single offer/contract a salesperson does not need to worry about visuals. After setting up your offer style at company level, standard visuals are automatically used in every offer. All your offers/contracts look as good as your brand!


Click2Contract shows when your customer opens an offer you sent and when it is accepted. You do not need to wonder anymore if customer opened your email and may make your follow up call on just right time.


No more deals hiding in email boxes or various files. Click2Contract archives all the offers and contracts automatically. You may sort the deals and allways easily find what is needed.

"Click2Contract is easy-to-use, stylish and modern tool for drafting offers. On top of that Click2Contract has an excellent client service. I warmly recommend!"

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