What would you like to improve?

Are your salespeople spending their time on the right things?

The least scalable factor in sales is a skilled salesperson. A salesperson creates value for the company in face-to-face customer meetings. Nonetheless, up to 66% of working time is still spent on other tasks. Click2Contract makes at least ten different steps unnecessary for each proposal or contract. Manual data entry is brought to a minimum. The service aims to allow the salesperson to focus on what to sell, to whom to sell and at what price.

Sales professionals become more motivated and productive when they face fewer monotonous routines at work.

Is your sales cycle dragged out unnecessarily?

Click2Contract is full of features that together can shorten your sales cycle by weeks. Because the process is made so simple, the deal closing proposal goes to the customer at once, instead of waiting for a couple of days or so. As the proposal is responsive and always comes with a simple eSignature, the customer can accept it anytime, anywhere. Because the proposal can be edited in real time until it is accepted, any changes can be made on the spot after discussing with the customer, and there is no need to wait and return to the case after a few days with another PDF.

Are your sales proposals disappearing into a black hole?

The sales work does not end with the proposal, on the contrary. One simple, but popular and functional feature of Click2Contract is the notification that is sent to the salesperson once the customer opens the proposal or the contract. The notification of the first opening is sent by email and can be automated to change the stage of the sales in CRM. Also the subsequent openings will be registered. This will help the salesperson act at the right time and invest in the most active customers.

In addition, the actual overall picture of the offer base can be tracked in CRM or Click2Contract.

Who, besides the salesperson, knows what kind of proposals have been made and deals closed?

When a company has a large number of customers, a lot of sales personnel or several sales to the same customers, it is necessary to centralize all data about the closed deals.  Click2Contract automates the filing of data in CRM and/or contract management system, for instance. Customer service, sales manager or the company lawyer can easily locate all the information they need.

How does the proposal make your customer feel?

Is your deal closing proposal a long and tedious PDF with black Times New Roman on a white background? It’s not very appealing to the customer to read a proposal such as this.


Click2Contract enables creating multi-layered and visual proposals that take advantage of all the marketing doctrines without compromising on legal competency.

Is buying from you made easy?

In the modern sales cycle, the customer is the key player. All the salesperson can do is to help the customer with the buying process.


Buying is made easy with Click2Contract with its right timing, visual presentation and the easy-to-use eSignature feature.

Would you like your CRM data and reports to be up to date?

The biggest problem with CRMs is the fact that they are left unused. Making data entries depend largely on the routines of the individual salesperson. The reports are unreliable, because they are based on vague data.


With Click2Contract you can create a process where the salespeople are directed to confirm the correct data in CRM and the reporting is automated, and thus the salesperson’s input is not necessarily required. Surprisingly, as a result of this, the quality of the CRM data improves and the reports are more reliable.

Would like to create processes that support growth?

Boosting business growth is hard if every employee does things in their own style, and nobody seems to know what works and what doesn’t.


Click2Contract helps to create a streamlined deal closing process that helps all the professionals at any given stage. The service is constantly being developed to implement the best practices of growth companies.

Stronger cash flow with faster invoicing?

After closing a deal, the same customer and product data is needed for invoicing and financial management. Instead of a salesperson, it is now a financial management professional who gets to manually enter the same details in different systems.


The financial management integrations of Click2Contract automatically create customer data and invoicing based on the closed deals. Depending on the contract, the invoice can be send immediately, and thus the sales revenue starts to flow in more quickly.

Is there a need for better legal risk management?

Many companies tend to draft initial agreements on deals by email, for instance. These contracts vary a lot and may even be found buried in the emails of some former employees. General terms and conditions may have been drafted, but then they may be forgotten to send to the customer.


All aspects of legally high-quality customer agreement are automated at Click2Contract. The process has been made so easy that creating contracts with email starts to feel laborious. Click2Contract is your tool for better and easier contracting process.

How would you implement contract management?

Contracts are the backbone of any company. Contracts must always be easily available to avoid unnecessary costs and ambiguity.


Click2Contract offers various ways to easily manage your contracts. In addition to being stored in the Click2Contract service, the contracts can be automatically stored in CRM and/or Google Drive, for instance.

What they say about us?

Customer contracting is much simplier.

Click2Contract has simplied our contract phase significantly. We have a team of 25 sales people with 100+ offers sent every month. Now we can ensure every contract fulfills the minimum requirements, sales people can do standardized tweaks and they can follow their own offers through the pipeline. And best of all: Our CRM is now always up-to-date thanks to the offers being made in Pipedrive and automatically closed as won when the customer signs.

I warmly recommend to everyone, except our competitors!

Fredrik Rönnlund, COO

Better insights on the deal closing phase.

Click2Contract has simplified our proposal process and given us a better insight to the deal closing phase. Our sales reps have given positive feedback on the ease of the use of the software.

I recommend Click2Contract to any organization interested in modern sales management!

Mikko Lehtinen, Sales director

Increased proposal hit rate.

I have used Click2Contract now for a year. The hit rate of proposals has increased significantly as I can communicate with the customers at the right time as I know when the customer has opened my proposal. On the other hand, I activate those who did not open the proposal. Visuals is a plus and the ease of creating a proposal saves me hours per week.

Kari Kaisto, CEO

How does Click2Contract help other professionals?


Click2Contract is most visible in the salesperson’s everyday life. The service reduces their administrative duties and helps the salesperson to act whenever the customer is ready to buy. When closing the deal, all that the salesperson needs to think about is who the customer is, what is being sold and at what price. But there is no more need for saving PDFs or writing customer details again and again. The mandatory attachments to the proposal or contract are automatically put in place.


As the proposal and contract processes are so fast, it’s easier to hit the perfect timing. At its best, the customer already gets it during the meeting or just a few minutes after. Any changes can be made in real time, even when still discussing with the customer over the phone. You will get a notification when the proposal has been opened, and if you haven’t already booked a meeting with the customer, you can now make your follow-up call just at the right time. You can find automated up-to-date information about the status of the deal in CRM and Click2Contract. The salesperson gets to focus on the customer!

Sales Lead

From the sales manager’s point of view, Click2Contract streamlines the entire sales team’s essential operations. All customer proposals are consistent and up-to-date. Spreading the best practices to other systems as well improves the sales team’s overall performance.


The sales manager will get more out of CRM, because the data is more up-to-date and complete. As far as making data entries is left to the salesperson, Click2Contract directs or even forces the data to be stored in CRM and several automations eliminate the need for salesperson action. The reliability of CRM’s basic reporting will improve, and more accurate information is available about the deal closing phase, concerning the entire team but also a specific salesperson.

With Click2Contract, you can help your team to thrive.

Chief Executive Officer

A full 100% of the company’s turnover is based on customer contracts – written or oral. Customer contracts largely outline the company’s risk-taking, business model and customer experience. First-class customer contracts are the cornerstone of the company’s operations ensuring all the future revenues.

Click2Contract creates a scalable process for the deal closing phase that equally serves the needs of legal risk management as well as sales. Unfortunately, these two very often contradict with each other. If you want to make the sales work easier, the documentation will suffer or vice versa. Click2Contract combines both perspectives along with the best practices of growth companies, thus removing any obstacles to growth whatsoever.

A company with first-class contracts is a more valuable company.

Company Lawyer

Deal closing cannot get any easier than this – Click2Contract makes use of the simple eSignature that can be used with each customer without slowing down sales. All contracts can be found archived in one place. All contracts include the mandatory attachments, such as the general terms and conditions. If you need to change the general terms and conditions, you can do this in Click2Contract and immediately after saving the changes, all the new contracts will be updated – all this is done without any hassle.

All in all, Click2Contract automatically fulfills the company lawyer’s wishes about customer contracting. The lawyer is free to choose the level electronic signature, the mandatory attachments or contents in all the contracts and the place where the completed contracts should be stored. Click2Contract makes sure that all things go as planned in everyday sales work.

Remove any obstacles to growth by adopting the best practices

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