Most important aspects of the integration

Forget manual inputs of data

When the customer accepts the proposal and signs it, the information needed for invoicing is automatically transferred to financial management. A new customer (if there is no customer with the same business ID already) and a new product (if no similar product can be found) are saved in Procountor, and an invoice is created with the status Unfinished. Customer information and product lines are imported from Click2Contract.

Note that the same data may have also been automatically imported into Click2Contract from CRM.

A stronger cash flow with faster invoicing

Another clear added value of automatic invoice creation is faster invoicing since invoices are ready to be sent when the contract is accepted. In Procountor, you only need to add the possible e-invoice information and send the invoice.

You can also automate a notification of a new invoice to Slack by using the Zapier integration.

Remove any obstacles to growth by adopting the best practices

We offer a 14-day free trial of our service. The trial includes all the software features and our customer service support. You don’t need a credit card or any other payment information to register.

Tips for getting started


The right elements in a template

The integration only works with proposals that include the Pricing Table element. The proposal must have the customer’s address information separated into Address, Postal code and City fields. Adding the business ID to the Business ID field is recommended to avoid multiple entries of the same organization in Procountor.


API integration in Procountor

In Procountor, go to Management → Company info → Usage settings

Select “Allow the usage of invoiceable API clients”

Note: Procountor charges for the use of interfaces. At the time of writing this, the price is €9.95/month regardless of the number of interfaces. Read more:


Creating a user for integration

In Procountor, go to Management → Users and privileges

Create a new user (name it for example “companyname.api”) and give the user “All rights” in the following categories:

– Edit personal info

– New sales invoice/Group invoice

– Customer register

– Product register


Activating the integration in Click2Contract

Go to the Integrations tab in Click2Contract (top right corner). Click on Procountor authentication and log in with the “companyname.api” credentials you created. Choose whether you’d like to have the invoices created automatically when the customer accepts the proposal.


A sending function also in the contract view

Every accepted contract (in Contracts tab in Click2Contract) has a three-item menu in the bottom right corner. There you can find the function Send to Procountor which allows you to send the contract information to Procountor when automatic transfer is not on.

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