Re-take the onboarding tour in the app by adding this into the address bar when logged into Click2Contract:

To set your personal and organizations details in place, add your team members, select a subscription or manage integrations in the app.

  1. Click your name on up right corner.
  2. Click Organization. Please fill in your company details here. The details will be automatically visible on proposals (if Parties element is in use) and email footer. Remember to save!
  3. Click Users to add new users or amend details. These will be visible to your customer on automated emails. Note that the email will be the username. Automated notifications will be sent to this email. You can also Activate or inactivate a user here. Inactivated users don´t have an access to the account and are not included in invoicing. Users roles are Manager that can see all the proposals and contracts of the company and amend any details or templates. Admin may see only his/her own proposals and contracts but may manage templates. Sales person is not bothered with any other functions or information but his/her own proposals and contracts.
  4. You can change your password in the Profile-section.

Using the template editor is key especially in the beginning.  In the editor all Template edits are made in one window and you can see how the Template comes together.