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Kuvassa toimitusjohtaja Anton Eriksson vasemmalla ja myyntijohtaja Toni Kuismin oikealla.

Clear and fast proposals are a competitive advantage for Vevex Oy

"At first, they were made with carbonless copy paper at the customer’s premises and a copy was left to the customer. After that we started to send them to the customers after our meetings, at first by traditional mail and then by email using Excel and Word. Then we moved on to use Click2Contract,” Eriksson describes the evolution of making proposals at Vevex.

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Ilkka Laine Sellai Oy:stä tarjoaa myynnin ulkoistusta.

Sellai Oy closes one in three proposals

Sellai Oy ( offers professional sales outsourcing as a service. Previously, proposals were made with Word and sent by email to the customers. Customers often responded with counterproposals. Once the proposal had been negotiated and accepted, the contract document of 8 pages was edited, where several items were subject to customer-specific modification. Now the sales process is significantly shorter and hit rate has been excellent.

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Kuvassa KTI-Laskutuksen Sami Saarenpää vasemmalla. Oikealla Click2Contractin Jaakko Ranta. Tuossa samalla kun kirjattiin ylös KTI:n käyttökokemukset, sovittiin että KTI:n asiakkaille tarjotaan integraatio Click2Contractin tarjouksilta suoraan laskutukseen.

KTI Laskutus achieved a 75 % drop in time spent on proposals

KTI Laskutus ( is a Finnish factoring and debt collection company that wants to do things in a new way. KTI Laskutus is the only partner that a company needs to manage its accounts receivable and take care of factoring.

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Kuvassa Somessa.comin perustajat vasemmalla Johanna Tidström ja Emma Ruotsala oikealla.

At proposals are a team effort is a Finnish influencer media company. They build the entire campaign for the customer, starting with the right influencers. plans the campaign, manages contracts and communicates with the influencers.

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What they say about us?

Customer contracting is much simplier.

Click2Contract has simplied our contract phase significantly. We have a team of 25 sales people with 100+ offers sent every month. Now we can ensure every contract fulfills the minimum requirements, sales people can do standardized tweaks and they can follow their own offers through the pipeline. And best of all: Our CRM is now always up-to-date thanks to the offers being made in Pipedrive and automatically closed as won when the customer signs.

I warmly recommend to everyone, except our competitors!

Fredrik Rönnlund, COO

Better insights on the deal closing phase.

Click2Contract has simplified our proposal process and given us a better insight to the deal closing phase. Our sales reps have given positive feedback on the ease of the use of the software.

I recommend Click2Contract to any organization interested in modern sales management!

Mikko Lehtinen, Sales director

Increased proposal hit rate.

I have used Click2Contract now for a year. The hit rate of proposals has increased significantly as I can communicate with the customers at the right time as I know when the customer has opened my proposal. On the other hand, I activate those who did not open the proposal. Visuals is a plus and the ease of creating a proposal saves me hours per week.

Kari Kaisto, CEO

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